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Personal Trainer || Movement Specialist || Tai Chi Master

 “Building a community of strong, powerful individuals looking to improve their lives and the lives of others”

Sunday Wellness Sessions

Virtual Sundays @4pm 30mins of Qi-gong and Meditation Log on 10mins prior for Health and Wellness talk Text for Zoom link

  • Focuses

    - Strength - Conditioning - Flexibility

  • Client Experience

    - Celebrities - Working Professionals - Pre and Post Natal Moms - Injury Recovery

  • Tai Chi

    Think of the Yin Yang symbol. Both are an even amount of light and dark, both converge toward each other, help each other and equally necessary for each other.


BS - Civil Engineering at Howard University
NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
Pn1 Certified Wellness and Nutrition Coach
35th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu Master
2nd Degree Hapkido Blackbelt

Phone: (914) 391-3844


Facebook: @taichinikki

Instagram: @taichinikki

Youtube: Youtube