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Personal Training || Tai Chi

 “Building a community of strong, powerful individuals looking to improve their lives and the lives of others”


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Online Private Training 

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  • Focuses

    - Strength - Conditioning - Flexibility

  • Client Experience

    - Celebrities - Working Professionals - Pre and Post Natal Moms - Injury Recovery

  • Tai Chi

    Think of the Yin Yang symbol. Both are an even amount of light and dark, both converge toward each other, help each other and equally necessary for each other.


BS - Civil Engineering at Howard University
NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
Pn1 Certified Wellness and Nutrition Coach
35th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu
2nd Degree Hapkido Blackbelt

How do I keep calm?

Settling your heart and mind can be tough, especially when overstimulated by fear and stress. Immunity is contingent on calmness a...

How do I improve my ...

I’ve been overweight, battled depression, been misguided, been laid-off, been divorced, and dealt with miserable times.. I r...

How do I express mys...

Breath in deep from the low abdomen and then up into the chest. Sink the breath back down deep into the low abdomen. Open the eyes...

How do I feel better...

Correct your alignment, correct your attitude.The nervous system opens into your eyes and face and is very telling of what emotion...

What is the Dan Tian...

The dan tian is your center of gravity. It is an energy field that transforms essence from the atmosphere, the food you eat and en...


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